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Land Leveling Services in Toledo, Ohio

At 3rd Terrain, we understand the importance of having a level land. Whether it’s for building, gardening, or enhancing your property, having an even surface matters. We specialize in providing Top Grading Services In Toledo making sure your land is perfectly flat and smooth, ready for whatever you have in mind. Our goal is to give you a level ground that suits your needs, making your outdoor space functional and safe.

Land Grading Services in Toledo

When you choose us for yard/ land leveling work, you get the most dedicated and reliable team around. From the initial phone call where we talk to you in-depth to understand your needs, to the consultation session where we inspect your property, to the planning stages where we draw up plans with you and go over the game plan.

 Each land leveling is tailored according to the client’s needs and preferences, so you can be sure you’ll get precisely what you want. Yard Leveling will not only give you excellent curb appeal but it will assist in solving lots of drainage issues.

Grading Services In Toledo


A big part of any attractive property is its landscaping. And a big part of any attractive landscaping is preparing your property with skillful landscape excavation before you start your design work. Finding excavating contractors that you trust can be difficult, but at 3rd Terrain Ltd. we do our best to be a true full-service team and offer everything you need all in one place. 

Whether you want us there to do the heavy lifting or advise on the best options for your unique property, everyone on our team is educated, skilled, and licensed for any excavation services, creative or not.


Not every property is ready for landscaping when you move onto it. Many properties need tree removal, regrading, and much more. At 3rd Terrain Ltd., our job is to prep the canvas for you.


Is your yard a bit hilly and uneven? We can fix that. Prepare for patios and clean landscaping and even prevent foundation damage with professional regrading done with the right tools and experience.


Many yards have tree stumps sitting in them after tree removal for many years. Want it gone? Give us a call! Don’t attempt to remove the stump on your own, this can result in property damage and personal injury.


Need earthmoving contractors? We do that too. While other local excavation companies will do the job and leave you with the cleanup, we have the trucks to haul any dirt and debris off your property immediately. Excavation landscaping is about a whole lot more than digging holes. If you don’t see something listed here and are wondering if we can do it, just give us a call!


Depending on what you need done, garden excavation has a wide range of pricing.


Even regrading can range from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. Generally starting at $500, the size of your yard and the amount of work that needs to be done are both factors.


One of the more affordable jobs, plan to spend between $60 and $350 for this. On our first meeting, we’ll visit your home to look at your yard and plan out what needs to be done and the exact costs. Always offering competitive rates, we aim for complete client satisfaction on every job!


At 3rd Terrain Ltd., we believe that education in our field is an ongoing process. Over the years we have continued to build our skills and be aware of all new developments in our industry. When we arrive at your home to work, you’ll be getting excavation landscaping services backed with experience as well as the best tools and machinery for the job.

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